Additional Info 

♥Simple Backgrounds are free but if you want a detailed one it would be just +2$

♥ You can ask me to do chibis or another animal for example :)

♥ If you want to contact here’s my gmail

♥ If you want commission me I’m sorry but I will only work on weekends

(school and stuff…)

♥ Do NOT send the payment before I tell you.



I just had lunch and realized that today is the new season 4 :DD

Maybe Art trades?

I want to draw something I’m kinda bored ^.^ so if any of you want to Art trade with me just answer to this post me and I’ll choose people ^o^


Hi there! I just umm how to say I reaally want to go to the bronycon 2014 but I’m 13 you know that ^o^; and I wanted to save money and I feel bad for doing this… would you mind to commission me or donate? I need 560€ for my ticket plane ( my parents could afford the half of that so D:) and 60$ for the 3 day pass at BronyCon ^^;  (It’s because I’m going to try to buy them before as possible if I can…) If you want to help me here is my Commission info (click) & My Paypal thanks for your time! <3

Did hipster Trixie ever get under your skin ? - emily

what do you mean moi?

I did a thing with photoshop :T ( updates will be in sketch for 3 days :3)


Mod pic day! <3 .So this is youngie mod :D (ew. I don’t know why my nose is like this xD)

Thank you for the stream i loved being there here is that stream post in color thank you so much for the stream.

Aww that is so sweet from you thsnk you! ♥