I’m so so sorry guys… But the I’m just going to officially close this blog.

I want to thank you all for following this blog until the end I really appreciate it :’). But if you want to keep see me drawing you can follow my Mod blog or My filly Pinkie Pie blog ^^. I won’t delete this blog it will be sticked here if some day my inspiration come back and scoots will return but for now I say good bye to all of you :)


I just had lunch and realized that today is the new season 4 :DD

Maybe Art trades?

I want to draw something I’m kinda bored ^.^ so if any of you want to Art trade with me just answer to this post me and I’ll choose people ^o^


Hi there! I just umm how to say I reaally want to go to the bronycon 2014 but I’m 13 you know that ^o^; and I wanted to save money and I feel bad for doing this… would you mind to commission me or donate? I need 560€ for my ticket plane ( my parents could afford the half of that so D:) and 60$ for the 3 day pass at BronyCon ^^;  (It’s because I’m going to try to buy them before as possible if I can…) If you want to help me here is my Commission info (click) & My Paypal ivonflorian@hotmail.com thanks for your time! <3

Did hipster Trixie ever get under your skin ? - emily

what do you mean moi?

I did a thing with photoshop :T ( updates will be in sketch for 3 days :3)

Thank you for the stream i loved being there here is that stream post in color thank you so much for the stream.

Aww that is so sweet from you thsnk you! ♥


I’ll explain everything…

You see My grandma lives in Guatemala (where I was born) and my family is in a critical moments and my grandma really needs money… She needs her medicine, house rent, Food… and she only have us for that so If any of you want to help me commissioning me note me c: I really love my grandma and I want to help her but she’s so far away I’ll appreciate your help! 


Paypal: Ivonflorian@hotmail.com